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Opening Day Celebration!

Astros vs. Blue Jays

Friday, April 28, 6 pm, Riverside Park
(located at N. Oakland Ave. and E. Riverside Pl.)

We invite all Lake Park Little League MKE families to cheer on our Majors Division (ages 11-12) teams at the league's first home game!


Note: Some coaches are still contacting players with team assignments. Game and practice schedules are being finalized. Coaches will send calendar to players as soon as possible.

Equipment Update

What equipment does my child need? Players bring their own mitt. Cleats are recommended but not required. The league provides bats, balls and helmets. Players may bring personal batting gloves, bats and helmets, but they are not required. NEW! Little League International is changing all bat regulations for the 2018 season. Most stores will not have the new bats available for purchase until later this summer. You may want to wait until then if you are considering buying a personal bat. Bats can be costly.


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