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Family...Friends...Fun...Baseball!  Community.

Welcome to Lake Park Little League MKE! 

baseball league for boys and girls ages 6-12. 

Fun, relaxed, social, baseball league for players and families! 

2018 Season
Registration Open: January-March
Minors (ages 6-8) Mid-April - Mid-July
AAA (ages 9-10) Early April - End of June
Majors (ages 11-12) Early April - End of June

The following reflection on the 2017 Season Opening Day represents the essence of Lake Park Little League MKE. This league is about family, friends and fun, in addition to baseball.

Families Celebrate Opening Day!

Lake Park Little League MKE families cheered on our Majors Division teams, Astros v. Blue Jays, at the league's first home game on Friday night, April 28, at Riverside Park. 

April 29, 2017, MILWAUKEE - Last night was Opening Day for Lake Park Little League MKE. As I looked at the players in their brand-new uniforms I thought, did we really pick neon orange for the Astros? As the festivities began, my heart raced and continued to do so through the rest of the night. Here’s why…

Owen, a brand-new Minors player, threw out the first pitch to his older brother David. Owen glowed as he walked off the field.

A new family from the Angels, a Minors team, eagerly wanted to meet their coaches. Darren and Rob gave them a warm Lake Park welcome.   

I smiled when I saw about 15 players from the AAA and Minors divisions happily playing baseball and football. 

Before I knew it, the Blue Jays players ran off the field towards the fresh pizza. Coach Bill asked me what I thought. I asked, “was there a baseball game?”  

Thank you to all the Majors parents who brought food, parents who stayed long after the game to help clean up, Astros and Blue Jays coaches for running an exciting game and Special Event Committee members who brought party supplies.

Thank to Alison and Leslie for scrambling the last few weeks to order and distribute uniforms and equipment in time for this game. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Thank you to the 24 volunteer coaches and other volunteers who are helping launch the 2017 season.  We have 8 teams with a total of 112 kids who need us.

Thank you to Yo Factory, True Value Hardware and Good City Brewing for their generous donations.

Thank you to Joe Jarosz for trying to teach me everything that goes into running a little league and creating a game schedule for the Majors and AAA at the final hour.

Thank you to Jack Littrell, parent of Lily on the Astros and Luke on the Cardinals Minors team, who gave a heartwarming speech to kick off the game and kept the sideline action going announcing raffle winners. Jack reminded us of the unique qualities of Lake Park Little League MKE. He said this league is about family, friends and fun, not just baseball. (By the way, did you notice I did not mention any actual game highlights?)

To finish off my evening, Harry from the Blue Jays threw his arms around me in a huge hug and said “thank you” as his bats in his back pack bonked me in the head.  This is how I felt this morning, like someone bonked me in the head.  My heart is still racing.

What made your heart race?? Please share your highlights by posting comments and hopefully photos on our Facebook Page, Lake Park Little League MKE. 

Baseball.  It’s cooler by the lake. 

P.S. The Astros orange jerseys glowed in the dark as the sun began to set.

Photos by Laura Shipley, Volunteer Mom